Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

This is a moist bread that holds its’ shape and tastes wonderful! Using the coffee can option* makes it a unique bread and very user friendly for slicing bread for sandwiches or muffins.

3 cups GF flour blend
3/4 t. additional xanthan gum
¼ cup milk powder
1 T. sugar
1½ T. dry yeast granules
1 t. salt
2 eggs, room temperature
1¼ cups water, warmed to 115-120˚F
1 t. apple cider vinegar
3 T. olive oil

Place all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend with a whisk. In a separate bowl, beat eggs, water, cider vinegar, and oil. Mix wet into dry ingredients and beat for at least two minutes.

Fold the mixture into an oiled muffin pan for rolls OR pour into an oiled 1# metal coffee can. For the coffee cans, you may opt to dust the insides of the cans slightly with flour blend, also. Fill no more than half full. Set aside in a slightly warm area free of drafts to rise approximately 30-40 minutes, or until doubled in size.

Bake in a 350˚F oven for 15 minutes for rolls or 30 minutes in the coffee can. Test with instant read thermometer until breads are 200-205˚F in center. Allow to cool before removing from the muffin pan or coffee can and/or slicing. Slice the bread, easily following the grooves made on the bread by the coffee can. PERFECT for buns, English muffins, etc.

Notes: *Acquire 1# metal coffee cans and empty out the coffee. Rinse and dry the can and use a can opener to remover the inner ring near the top of the can. Oil the can well and fill half full with bread batter.

Makes: Two coffee can loaves or 12 rolls.

This recipe is from my cookbook: "Delicious! The Very Best of Gluten Free and Wheat Free Cooking. It is available at: