Saturday, January 1, 2011

Slider Party Sandwiches

Great little mini-burgers are all the rage for Super Bowl parties. Served with a side of sweet potato fries, these offer a real treat for a fabulous gluten free appetizer or main dish option that anyone would enjoy!

One recipe of "Diane's Best Rolls Buns" or GF bun of choice; make sure the buns are small*! (recipe in my cookbook or watch for my "Best Buns" recipe posting here shortly.)

1# lean organic ground beef
½ medium sized onion, chopped
Salt & pepper and seasonings of choice
Low fat cheddar or jack cheese, thinly sliced
Mustard, ketchup, and condiments of choice
One bag of Alexis Sweet Potato Julienne Fries

Make bun recipe ahead of time. Allow buns to cool, then cut them in half for use as mini burger buns. (Or use a commercial brand.)

Carmelize the onion by sautéing for about ten minutes until browned in a small amount of olive oil. Mix your ground beef with seasonings and fold in the (cooled to room temperature) carmelized onions.

Now this is a neat trick! Using a cupcake pan, squish the little burgers into a twelve opening cupcake pan. Top each mini burger with small circle slices of cheese that you have cut with a small glass or small biscuit cutter. Bake in 350˚F oven for approximately ten minutes. Do not over bake or they will be too dry.

Simultaneously, bake your Alexis Sweet Potato Julienne Fries as per package directions (about 18 minutes). If you prefer, bake them extra long to make them more crispy.

Assemble your mini cheeseburgers/sliders onto your buns and with condiments. Serve with (my favorite!) Alexis Sweet Potato Julienne Fries. These are way beyond the basic potato fry in flavor; quite tasty and offer a kick of spiciness!)

Notes: *Buns may also be made in cupcake pans for uniform sizing.

Makes: Twelve slider mini cheese burgers.

For more recipes, check out my cookbook: "Delicious! The Very Best of Gluten Free and Wheat Free Cooking. It is available at:

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