Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Katz Gluten Free Bakery sample pack review

I recently tested a sample pack of gluten free products from Katz Bakery in New York. I received a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate rugelech slice, marble cake slice, chocolate cupcake, a honey muffin, a dinner roll, wholesome bread slice, challah bread slice, and white bread slice.

Overall, I found the quality of the products that I tested to range from fair to above average quality. The marble cake was very tasty, not too sweet, but a bit dry and it fell apart when I removed it from its’ package. Same story with the rugelech. The chocolate chip cookie that was in the sample pack was completely crumbled when it arrived and I did not care for its’ flavor. The chocolate cupcake was very good. It was rich, chocolatey and moist. The honey muffin was moist and flavorful.

All of the bread slices, as seems to be the typical gluten free bread standard, were on the small side. The wholesome bread was dry and cracked, so it was impossible to use for a sandwich. Ditto, the white bread, but it had a very good flavor. The challah maintained its’ shape and seemed less dry. It was a little sweeter and more moist than the others. Really enjoyed the challah. 

And the dinner roll was fantastic! It had a wonderful texture and crumb and maintained its shape beautifully and was not dry. The dinner roll was topped with a few sesame seeds for a little added nutty crunch. If the dinner rolls and challah were offered in my part of the country, I would purchase them regularly. I might even order some online and keep in my freezer for special holiday meals when I don’t have the time to bake my own. 

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